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Susie McClure Library: Collection Development Policies

Collection Development Policy

Collection Development Policy

The primary objective of collection development is to support the educational curriculum of American Baptist College. When selecting material for acquisition the following criteria are considered. Faculty are encouraged to contact the Library Director at (615) 687-6918 for information about requesting material for purchase. As a general rule the Library does not purchase textbooks. 

Collection development criteria:

  • How does the material support the educational curriculum?
  • How does the existing library collection cover the subject matter of the requested material?
  • Is the intended audience for the material consistent with academic library users?
  • What is the price of the material?
  • Is the price of the material consistent with the expected usage of the material?
  • Does the material represent the subject matter in an accurate fashion?
  • Is the material available in a format that will meet distance and on-campus patron needs?
  • How much demand is there for this material? 


Deselection Policy

Deselection Policy

Materials deselection (also known as "weeding") is an important part of collection development, helping to ensure that library resources stay current and meet the information needs of the College’s students, faculty, and staff. The deselection process is consultative, usually involving the Library Director and faculty. However, the Susie McClure Libraries may deselect materials at its own professional discretion and based on collective librarian input.

It is in everyone's best interest for the Susie McClure Libraries to notify relevant academic units that a deselection project is underway involving particular area(s) of the collection.

The following criteria inform all deselection decisions. These criteria are used in combination and no single criterion has priority over the others.

  • (1) Item has not circulated in past ten years.
  • (2) Item is in poor physical condition -- (Answer question: Should item be rebound or replaced?).
  • (3) Item appears to be out of date.
  • (4) The Library has a newer edition.
  • (5) Collection contains a number of more recent books on the same subject.
  • (6) Author/creator is not recognized as a "major star" in the field.
  • (7) Item is not relevant to the curriculum, not likely to be used for course research.

Items pulled from the shelves are moved to a temporary holding area for additional review by the library director and faculty prior to deselection. Once the review process has occurred, deselected items may be recycled, donated, sold, or otherwise handled at the discretion of the Susie McClure Library.