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Susie McClure Library: Technology, Cell Phones & Food

Cell Phone & Food Policy

Cell Phones & Food in the Library

The Susie McClure Library is committed to providing a welcoming environment conducive to quiet study. Your help is needed to maintain this. Please observe the following:

  • Cell phone ringers should be turned down while in the Library.
  • Cell phone conversations should be kept short.
  • Extended cell phone conversations should be taken outside of the Library. Use the North or South entryways. If you wish to report inappropriate cell phone use, please contact library staff.
  • Food and drink are allowed in the Library reading room & lobby only. Patrons are asked to place empty containers in the trash or recycle bins to maintain a clean environment for others.

Technology Access Policies

Computer Use, Internet & Wireless Access

The Library has a dedicated computer lab with Internet enabled workstations with a variety of in-house software programs (including Microsoft Office) and print capability. Assistance is available during regular library hours.

Guest Wireless Internet accounts are available. Ask at the Information Desk for current login information.

Computer Use: The following are considered tampering and nuisance acts and are subject to disciplinary action as stated in the American Baptist College student conduct code and listed in the American Baptist College handbook.

  • Installing and/or running unauthorized software.
  • Changing the operating parameters of the operating system and/or application software.
  • Copying or sharing student data files.
  • Unauthorized copying of any software.
  • Any other inappropriate behavior described in the Student Conduct Code.

It is a violation of the Student Conduct Code to access, view, download, transmit, or otherwise interact with any social media including websites, chatrooms, bulletin boards, messages, or any other forms of communication that harass an individual or group because of their gender, race, age, religious beliefs, national origin, sex, color, ancestry, marital status, veteran's status, citizenship status, physical or cognitive attributes, sexual preferences or other protected group as defined by law. This includes any forms of communication that contain obscene or inflammatory material.

To ensure that the use of electronic and telephonic communications systems and business equipment is consistent with the College’s legitimate business and educational interests, authorized representatives of the College may monitor the use of such equipment from time to time to the extent permitted by applicable state and federal law. Users should not have any expectation of privacy with respect to any materials and information created or stored on these systems. 

Copyright, Photocopies, Scans & Faxes

There is one photocopy machine available for patron use in the Library. It has fax and scan-to-email capabilities.

The photocopier in the reading room offers the option of scanning documents to email, and comes equipped with a 11.7" x 17" scan bed and a letter-sized top-loading scanner. As per federal regulations, the person using the equipment is liable for any copyright infringement.

The Susie McClure Library complies with all state and federal copyright restrictions as they apply to photocopies, reserve materials, and digital copies of all Library materials. If you have any questions as to what constitutes a copyright infringement, please ask Library staff.