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Susie McClure Library: Access to Collections & Borrowing

Circulation Policy for Students & Staff

The Purpose of Library Collections

The Susie McClure Library collects a variety of materials to better fulfill its mission of supporting and enhancing the academic programs of American Baptist College by providing the customized learning and teaching resources needed by the students, faculty, and staff. The Library Staff is dedicated to assisting its patrons in developing information literacy skills in order to locate, evaluate, and use information effectively.

Library Account Access

Library patrons may access their account records online by logging into My Account.


The Susie McClure Library sends overdue notices as a courtesy to its patrons. The Library holds all of its patrons ultimately responsible for being aware of the due dates of loaned items and for their prompt return.

The Library utilizes email as its official form of communication. As such, courtesy notifications will be emailed to the official American Baptist College email addresses of Staff, Student, and Faculty Patrons. Bills for lost items may be sent via USPS mail.



 Non-Circulating Items

All materials that are marked as Reference or Special Collection, whether found in the general stacks or in the Reading Room, may not be checked out or removed from the library premises. Please return any materials used in the library to the circulation desk or place upon a library cart for reshelving.

Overdue Fines

While items from the main collection do not incur overdue fines, other collections enumerated in the Loan Periods chart below may have overdue fines associated with them. Please refer to the chart below to determine which items may incur overdue fines. The maximum fine is $10.00 per item. When the fine reaches the maximum, the item is declared lost and will be billed through the Business Office.

Lost & Damaged Items and Past Due Accounts

The Library will bill patrons who have lost or damaged materials beyond repair at the standard replacement charge or the cost of the item (whichever is greater). In addition, each item will incur a non-refundable $10 handling fee.

Any unpaid handling/replacement costs will result in a restriction being placed on a user's account with the College. Items that have been declared lost and for which the replacement cost and handling fee have been paid will not receive a refund if returned to the library at a later date unless arrangements are made with the Library Director.

Fines at the End of the Semester

Patrons with outstanding fines will receive a courtesy notice concerning fines owing at least two weeks prior to the end of the semester. If the fines are not paid within one week of receiving the courtesy notice, outstanding fines and fees will be submitted to the American Baptist Business Office at the close of the semester. A $10 handling fee will be added to any outstanding charges to recover the costs of staff hours and processing time. All borrowed items not returned by the close of the semester will be declared lost, and the borrower will be billed the replacement fee for the item as well as a $10 processing fee. The patron will be unable to check out Library items until the account is settled.




 Loss of Circulation Privileges

A student’s failure to pay for books declared lost after submission to the American Baptist Business Office for collection will result in the loss of circulation privileges until the account is settled. Community patrons will be billed directly by the Library.

Please see the Loan Periods Chart below for Item Type Loans, Length of Check-Out, the Notification Process and Fees; this policy applies to users of all types—student, faculty, staff and community.

Loan Periods

Item: Patron Type

Length of Check-Out

Overdue Fines

Books: Students/Community

4 weeks

Non-refundable $10 handling fee after 4th overdue notice

Books: Faculty/Staff

16 weeks

Department Policy


Renewing Material

There are three options for renewing items. For on-line renewals, items must be renewed before their due date or an on-line renewal will not work.

  • Patrons may renew their own items by accessing their library account.
  • Items may be renewed at the Library Information Desk.
  • Patrons may call the Library at (615) 687-6899

Lost & Damaged Items and Past Due Accounts

Patrons with materials that are lost or damaged beyond repair will be assessed the replacement cost for each lost or damaged item plus a non-refundable $10 handling fee for each item.






Patron Confidentiality

The Library Records Confidentiality Act (75 ILCS 70/2) prohibits the release of any registration or circulation records of Library patrons except pursuant to a court order.