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Susie McClure Library: Library Behavior & Diversity

Diversity Statement

Library Diversity Statement

Central to learning and knowledge creation, the College’s library services, collections, and hiring practices aim to serve the needs of the American Baptist College community across all ranges of race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, religion, nationality, age, disability, socioeconomic background, and other identity categories. This commitment ensures the libraries provide a rich academic, intellectual, and cultural environment for everyone by:

  • Identifying initiatives and designing programs that showcase the benefits of Inclusive Excellence
  • Building collections that represent the diversity of the human experience
  • Providing equitable access to library collections, spaces, and services
  • Creating opportunities for faculty, staff, and students to develop diversity, inclusion, and cultural competencies
  • Collaborating both within the library and across campus to promote wider understanding and application of Inclusive Excellence
  • Developing outreach initiatives to engage both the ABC and greater Nashville 

Civility Statement

Susie McClure Library Civility Statement and Guidelines

Within the Library, civility comprises a conscious demonstration of mutual respect – for people, for their roles, for their knowledge and expertise. Civility requires cooperation, mindfulness, kindness, engagement, tolerance, inclusiveness, and acceptance and promotion of individual differences.  It is expressed not only in the words we choose, but in our tone, demeanor, and actions. All members of the Library community are responsible for, and expected to, exemplify and promote civility.

The Library community is committed to civil behavior but we encourage members to go beyond civility—to inspire each other, and be a compassionate and caring community. Our goal is to heighten our level of compassion, enhance our level of empathy, and encourage positive affirmation.

The Susie McClure Library is also committed to creating and maintaining a positive and respectful learning and working environment. While it is understood that disagreement will, and should, occur in a collegiate setting, open communication, intellectual integrity, mutual respect for differing viewpoints, freedom from unnecessary disruption and a climate of civility are important values that we embrace. We encourage the selection of mindful words, meaningful listening and a search for understanding and thoughtful solutions.  

Examples of civility include:

  • Respect and courtesy in language, demeanor, and actions, be a positive influence
  • Respectful acknowledgement and positive promotion of individual differences
  • Being empathetic and patient
  • Refraining from insulting, disrespectful, dismissive, or humiliating language and/or actions

All employees deserve to be treated with dignity and respect at their place of work. They deserve to work in an environment free from incivility, harassment, or bullying. Actions must be evaluated not only in light of what the actor intended, but also by what the recipient felt, i.e., impact as well as intent is important.

Library management is ultimately responsible for creating a positive work climate, and will deal with civility concerns in a timely manner