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Susie McClure Library: Book Orders

Order Books!


The Susie McClure Library is happy to help students order books for their classes. We do have some guidelines to make this process smooth and simple for everyone.

1If you are ordering your own books, feel free to begin ordering books immediately. Please understand if the book is not listed for your course, it is not available. You will have to wait until the first day of your assigned class to receive the book information.  Your professor will provide the information.

2. If you are ordering books by charging them to your student account, you must order your books through the ABC Library Services. The book ordering process is very simple, but you must follow the instructions. You will place your order using the following email address only: 
3. If a book is required for your class, you will need the book for your class. Failure to purchase, rent or use a book is not an option. If you have difficulty with book ordering, please let your academic advisor know as soon as possible.
4. All inquiries must come from the address.
5. E-book purchases and book rentals cannot be billed to student's accounts. Students will need to purchase them on their own. 
6. The primary option for book purchase will be Amazon Prime. If the Amazon Prime option is not available then books will be chosen from new or used based on your specification. If you do not specify used or new, a new book will be selected. Please keep in mind, used books usually take longer to receive.
7. Students will be responsible for returning unwanted material. The library staff will print the return label only.
8. Please check the library catalog to see if we have books available that you will need for your course!
9. Any books that are not picked up by the end of the semester will be added to the library collection as a donation. 

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